Implementing REST in ASP.NET Core

The past week was hectic busy: Apart from being sick, keeping an eye on the little one and daily work; I gave three talks on ASP.NET Core in five days - very exciting.

The basic takeaway of the talk was to highlight that REST is a style of architecture based on certain constraints and how one can use the features of ASP.NET Core to implement these constraints in order to create truly RESTful APIs.

Here's the recording, slides and source code from the SDN Event on March 17th:

Roy Fielding has defined 6 basic constraints in order for any API to be considered RESTful. Although I've blogged about this topic before, I felt that it was necessary to do a refresher series with more details on the implementing these constraints within ASP.NET Core.

Below you will find a list of REST constraints including a link (WIP) to the relevant post in which I will be updating periodically:

  1. Client-Server: Servers in ASP.NET Core
  2. Layered System: ASP.NET Core Middleware: A Layered system
  3. Uniform Interface
  4. Stateless
  5. Cacheable
  6. Code on demand

This series is still work in progress, so do watch this space and return for more.