Introducing GeekFest: Screencasts for developers

For quite some time I’ve been meaning to start a video blog (or vlog) on interesting subjects and people so I’ve decided to waste no more time and get to work on a new series called GeekFest, a screencast for developers by developers.

1 – Schedulers in WAMS

The first episode of this series we will explore schedulers in Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS). I know there are most probably tons of video tutorials out there on this subject but I did notice that the official one on the Channel 9 site (at the time of this post) is a bit out of date – as it is still referring to the obsolete Twitter v1 API.

I’ve blogged about this before but figured it would be fun doing a screen cast on this as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I made it.

Until next time!